Making PR work in ASEANWe can find a treasure of articles from all over the Internet on basic tips that make public relations understandable and easy to do. We have gone over dozens of these articles and we chose the following that you should be able to find helpful:

8 steps to a successful press conference

At one point or another, your company will need a press conference. Introducing a new product or service, tackling a negative perception or news about the organization, an important announcement, are all valid reasons for holding a press conference.

Although the whole affair lasts for about 45 minutes, it could easily build or break it for you. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you make preparations.

Research. Coordinate. Step up.

Ask yourself these questions before you start working on a press conference:

Is the time right?

The day/date and time can be crucial and may have a direct effect on attendance and coverage of your news. Early evening Wednesday, Thursdays is a good time so you can follow up on reporting and monitoring before the weekend.

Is there another important event that media has to attend at the same time?

Check for events that may take media’s attention away from your event in turn ruining the attendance of your conference.

Does the news qualify for a press conference?

Find out, discuss within the team and talk to a few media representatives to find out about your conference’s news worthiness. If  your company news is not meaty, find out ways to make it look good.

But if there is no way journalists will cover it, step up to say so to your company’s management. Poor attendance and mediocre coverage will make you and your company look bad. Do not be afraid to let your management know of your opinion. Once a press release goes out, you cannot bring it back. So make the event count. Read More …


What goes into writing a Press Release?

Press Release — the ultimate tool of PR. That single piece of information that will get your company some free press and get your media relations up and about.

Most companies take Press Releases for granted and do away with releases in a half-hearted attempt to get them out of the way. At the same time, Press Release continues to be that traditional form of PR and communication that is still practiced far and wide in the world.

Most importantly, a Press Release is that content item in your communication that you cannot afford to take lightly.

It can drive results. Real ones. People begin to associate the quality of your products and services with the quality of the content you share with them. It is that important. You may never have noticed but writing a press release is a craft. A craft that can take your coverage either way.

What make a good press release? We all know the formatting, the grammar and spell checks that are required — but what really gets your release some attention — is the way you are going to tell your story. Read more …



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