2015 Globe Media Excellence Awards Reporter of the Year for Radio: Big Jay Lagang

“The award itself was already overwhelming, but the moment I was standing together with other winners who had already established their names in journalism industry, it […]

Tesiorna wins 2 Globe media awards in 2015

Best Reporter, Explanatory Story in 2015 “Work with your heart I guess. Never treat the job as a money-making venture coz there really is no money […]

2015 Globe Media Excellence Awards Columnist of the Year: Fred Lumba

“They must possess language skills, master correct grammar, have the passion, read mountains of literature, and be analytic and nosy. Above all, faith in God” said […]

2015 Globe Media Excellence Awards Explanatory and Investigative Story of the Year for Print: Henrylito Tacio

“Practice makes perfect.  Pursue what you really want to do.  Don’t rest on your laurels.  Go one step after another; then go towards another level…” said […]