• 1986Uplift Lives
    Two social change advocates emerged from the heady days of the People Power Revolution in the Philippines with the passion for uplifting lives. Doris Isubal-Mongaya sought this as an entrepreneur. Emmanuel 'Anol' Mongaya carved a name as a journalist. Little did the couple know, this passion led decades later to PRworks Inc.
  • 1997APEC
    Doris and Anol Mongaya first got involved in public relations when they were asked to help a non-government publicity effort for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit in Cebu. The campaign sought to make the public understand complex issues the summit tackled.
  • 1998Mentors
    Doris Mongaya was into flower arranging, wedding events, and landscaping when TeamAsia’s Mike and Monette Hamlin convinced her to become a local partner for the 1998-99 “Intel PC Madness” in Cebu and Davao. With the Hamlins as her mentor, Doris began her first steps in the journey of making world-class PR work.
  • 2001Cebu IT Summit
    The partnership with TeamAsia did not just lead to the formation of PRworks as a single proprietorship. It opened doors. More significant, it paved the way for the historic Cebu It Summit of March 29, 2001. Contracted by the Cebu City government, the summit resulted in the formation of the first Philippine ICT council and laid down the ICT roadmap in Cebu.
  • 2002Cebu Mountain Fest
    An open reunion concert of the pro-environment band Asin became the highlight of the week-long Cebu Mountain Festival. The event aimed to celebrate the Year of Mountains as declared by the United Nations. It was also the first major event of PRworks, independent of TeamAsia.
  • 2004PRworks Inc.
    PRworks became a corporation on March 23, 2004. The development enabled PRworks to engage bigger corporate clients like the Visayan Electric Company (VECO) and Salcon Power Corp. as well as local government units like Naga and Mandaue Cities.
  • 2007Beyond Cebu
    After a few years focusing on PR operations in Cebu, PRworks renewed cooperation with TeamAsia. This time, the two agencies helped move resources for the ASEAN Summit of 2007. Later that year, PRworks collaborated with Marisa Nallana and PETCO in organizing the 8th Motorshow Cebu International.
  • 2009Visayas & Mindanao
    Though affected by the global crisis, PRworks bounced back fast. It began engaging local and Manila-based clients like GT Cosmetics, Globe Telecom and Nokia Philippines that tapped the agency’s network of media and blogger contacts in major urban centers in southern Philippines.
  • 2010Strategic Directions
    PRworks Inc. began setting sights on more strategic directions especially to meet the challenges and take advantage of opportunities of ASEAN integration. By this time, Anol availed of an early retirement program of Sun.Star Publishing Inc. and joined Doris in PRworks.
  • 2011Relief Mode
    The Sendong tragedy in Mindanao prompted PRworks into relief mode. The team quickly moved to help affected members of the media in Cagayan de Oro and Iligan cities. The experience pave the way for a bigger relief and rehab role in the Yolanda tragedy two years later.
  • 2012Philippine Startup Advocacy
    The PRworks team believed the Philippine Startup Community would be the next game changer. This led to the support PRworks for the series of Startup Weekends. This led to the successful Geeks on a Beach or GOAB 2013 in Boracay and GOAB2 in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu this year.
  • 2013Disaster Response
    The passion to uplift lives means going out immediately to extend help during disasters. August saw the collision of a passenger ship and a cargo vessel off the Cebu port. In October, a 7.2 magnitude quake wrought destruction in Bohol and Cebu provinces. Super typhoon Yolanda cut a wide path of devastation across central Philippines.
  • 201410th Year as a Corporation
    We chose 2014 as the opportune time to celebrate a milestone. Next year, ASEAN will formally begin economic integration. Brands will need public relations more as economies go further into our digital and mobile future. This is a great year to kick off another decade of making PR work.