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What makes PRworks events — from product launches to the annual international conference like Geeks on a Beach or the yearly gathering of some 2,000 vendors in Metro Cebu or the Globe Telecom media excellence awards in Cebu and Davao — stand out?

#PRworksEventsOf course, these events create the best experience possible for guests, the celebs, sponsors, stakeholders, and the spectators. But these events do more. The PRworks team does not just make, for instance, a product launch come to life. Our events help make PR work.

PR works when events engage journalists and bloggers. PR works when events generate publicity. PR works when the guests become ambassadors as they bring their experience online and well after the actual event. Not only do we get people to interact hands on with a product or service, we tie the brand to a meaningful activity.  After all, we believe the best PR uplift lives.

Still well-crafted events come to life with teamwork, creative thinking, and leadership.

Events require different teams and elements to come together. Success depends on all doing their job to a high standard. We are outside-the-box thinkers who believe design is essential to an event’s success. And aside from keeping the team function smoothly, strong leadership comes handy in negotiating with clients and suppliers. We are flexible, able to do quick thinking, full of initiative and make quick decisions.

The #PRworksEvents team is a well-oiled machine.

Start making standout events.

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