Multi-dimension brand experience

Years of helping clients make PR work led us to Integrated Marketing Communications or IMC. A multi-dimensional brand experience for consumers that powerfully resonates across offline and online media worked well for brands like Globe Telecom, Ford Philippines, and the Cebu-based Cebu Landmasters Inc.

pr-works-busy-desk1One successful annual event is the Globe Media Excellence Awards.

We understand each branding effort – across television, radio, print, Internet, and in person – reinforces positive perceptions of the brand’s message. Each effort contributes to a larger brand story. Each element fits in harmony. The overall effect is music.

IMC, however, goes beyond coordinating basic communication tools.

The decisions and actions of production, finance, distribution and communications send messages to customers. Marketing and communications objectives must must be aligned with corporate objectives. The whole organization needs to be informed and motivated about developments of the campaign. Marketing, advertising, and PR must deliver an integrated message.

Yes, obstacles to IMC exists. Despite the points for integration, there are organizations where communications does not talk with marketing. The sales force hardly see advertising and so on. Then there could be turf wars among managers. And what about creativity? Often, whose creative idea it is matters.

Success at IMC therefore demands not just superior management skills. IMC needs a highly skilled and motivated team experienced in making PR work.



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