Cebu Media Excellence Awards (Yoly’s Message)

Cebu Media Excellence Awards (Yoly’s Message)

[youtube=]Prepared text of the message of Yoly Crisanto, head of Globe Telecom’s Corporate Communications, during the unveiling of the Cebu Media Excellence Awards (CMEA) on September 21, 2011 at the Harold’s Hotel in celebration of the Cebu Press Freedom Week:

Good evening friends!

I am very happy to be able to spend an evening and celebrate Press Freedom Week with all of you.

At this point, I want to share just a few words. Take note that I said “few.” I have to catch the last flight tonight because tomorrow is the opening of the PR Congress in Makati.

We at Globe Telecom came to conceptualize the Cebu Media Excellence Award because of three reasons:

One, after 17 years of celebrating Press Freedom Week, we thought our contribution should be more than mere parties though we are not doing away with it. We felt we should do something to raise the level of the celebration a notch higher.

Two, we believe press freedom can best be enjoyed and defended by pursuing media excellence.

Three, we felt media excellence can best be achieved by a continuing program to recognize superb performance.

Thus, Globe Telecom’s Cebu Media Excellence Awards seeks to enhance the culture of media excellence promoted by local stakeholders like the Catholic Church by giving due recognition for excellent media performance that enhances and broadens our exercise, access, and enjoyment of the democratic and economic freedoms.

We will be recognizing superb performance by print, radio, and television reporters for their day-to-day coverage as well as feature stories on the following areas:

a. Business/economy/finance

b. ICT/environment, disaster response/entrepreneurship

c. Youth/education/social progress

We will honor opinion writers, radio commentators, and television broadcasters for excellent writing in pursuit of social concerns and progress.

After the world entered the second decade of what we now call the information age, blogging has gained momentum and significance in social and political change. We will be giving out a Blogger of the Year award.

For 17 years, we looked forward to a week of celebrations and fellowship nights.

Starting in 2012, we will have one additional highlight to look forward to:the Cebu Media

Excellence Awards.

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