Cebu’s strategic location in southern Philippines

Cebu’s strategic location in southern Philippines

NEO has carved a respectable market niche in the Visayas and Mindanao as faces the global competition.

Ehda Dagooc of The Freeman wrote about Dell, the global technology company, making Cebu as a gateway to southern Philippines. This is a logical move for Dell because of Cebu’s strategic location in central Philippines.

Aside from being a progressive metropolis with an international airport and seaport that connects it with major economic powerhouses in Asia, Europe, the United States, and Australia, Cebu is nearer to the major urban centers in other Visayas provinces and in Mindanao.

Thus Ms. Ehda wrote:

“Dell, which does not only boasts of its quality technology hardware, but also for its superior technology solution products, is now targeting the SME market in Southern Philippines by partnering with the Cebu-based IT solutions provider Ng Khai Development Corporation.

According to Dell Global BV, country manager of the Philippine Representative Office Christopher “Chris” Papa, the Philippines offers good growth opportunities for the company, especially the Visayas and Mindanao regions.

With about 980 thousand businesses and over 80 million population in the country, Papa said there is a big untapped market for Dell here.

Dell’s partnership with Ng Khai backs the global technology giant’s bid to expand its regional coverage.

‘Cebu being the second biggest growth center in the Philippines next to Metro Manila, boasts of large-scale manufacturing companies, IT parks and complexes ranging from business process outsourcing, technical support, IT consultancy, up to web development. It is also a major gateway to other major commercial districts as well as the prominent academic community in the Philippines,’ Papa said.

Papa expressed optimism that Dell will be able to address the growing demands of the local business communities across industries for high-end technology offering and solutions.

The recently inked partnership will enable Ng Khai to provide for the IT needs of customers in the Southern Philippine market, as Dell’s Premier Partner in the region.”

Indeed, the market for various products and services in Cebu and southern Mindanao is vast as recognized in the experience of PRworks clients GT Cosmetics, the International NKYR Academy (INA), and NEO, the Filipino laptop maker.

Since last year, PRworks had been helping the three companies (two are based in Cebu while NEO is based in Metro Manila) access and make their presence felt in the Visayas cities of Bacolod, Iloilo, and Tagbilaran as well as Mindanao urban centers particularly the cities of Davao, General Santos, Cagayan de Oro, and Zamboanga.

This is a vast and growing market far away from the Philippine capital of Manila.

GT Cosmetics, which produces and sells among others beauty and whitening soap products, has for instance carved a respectable chunk of the Visayas-Mindanao market despite the massive marketing campaigns of its Manila-based competitors.

INA, on the other hand, increased enrollment of students from neighboring Visayas provinces and Mindanao wanting to improve their skills and knowhow in massage. This is in line with INA’s vision of upgrading the quality of the wellness industry in the country.

Meanwhile, the Filipino maker of quality laptops NEO is carving a market ahead of the global competition not only in Metro Manila and Luzon, but more so in Cebu, other Visayas provinces and in Mindanao.

Based on their experiences, PRworks is all the more convinced of the vast potentials on the Visayas- Mindanao market not only for its clients or even Dell, but also for other global as well as Cebu and Manila-based companies.

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