How you can make PR work?

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How you can make PR work

Conducting public relations, of course, is by no means an easy undertaking. Publicity, building a good reputation, and positioning are complex and long-term activities. Still, here are quick ideas that you can do to make PR work for you.

Be excited talking about your business. If not, who else will?

Some entrepreneurs hesitate to talk about their work. Yet, people enthusiastic about what they do for a living are interesting to talk to. Thus, be always prepared to talk about what you do. Show people you love your brand. How can you expect others to if you don’t?

Ask your customers: Will you recommend my brand to friends?

We don’t have to ask many questions. Just this one: Will you recommend by brand to friends? Consider people who would consciously recommend your brand to friends as fans. You should want to know how many of your customers do. You would also want to know how you could increase their numbers

If people heard of you, you must be good. If they heard a lot, you must be great.

When positive publicity makes you or your brand reaches people, the tendency is to assume that you are good. What if there are more publicity and people are talking about you or your brand?

Don’t spam. Study the editors and publications first. Shows respect.

Tailor pitches and press releases to the editors and publications. While at it, include bloggers and influencers whom you are pitching your story. Each editor, publication, and blogger have different interests and focus. Taking the effort to send individualized messages demonstrates not only PR savvy. It shows respect.

Create buzz – Things people gossip on. Then make it easy to find you.

An alternative to pitching stories is creating buzz. This mean doing something of human interest. Or perhaps, one might like to do something outrageous that people gossip on or share with others. After doing this, you then make it easy for media to find you.

Make readers enjoy your story and think better of the publication because of it.

Writing a compelling story that readers of a publication would enjoy attract the attention of editors. These editors are on the lookout for stories that make the publication sell. Help them achieve this.

Consider short attention spans. People should be able to convey your story in conversations.

Your story should be crafted in a manner that people would be able to absorb and share it in short, casual conversations with friends and family. This means keep your writing simple and use powerful quotes that people would love to share.

Hold a press conference to announce real news. Reporters prefer to ask.

Press conferences are simple events with journalists and influencers as the audience. Conduct one when you have something newsworthy to announce.

Publicity that repulses people is undesirable. The best PR uplifts lives.

Our experience in PRworks showed that activities that aim to uplift lives not only generate publicity, the published message further resonates and get shared within the target audience.

When sh*t happens, one may stay mum. But we find it best to engage media and set the record straight.

Staying silent could work in preventing coverage of an adverse issue from taking a life of its own. But issues are often pushed and fed by various interest groups. The best response would be to present your side of the story. Take care to also maintain good relations with journalists and influencers.

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Grab our PR infographic by entering your email address below!