Content rules changed. And Covid-19 hastened the process.

Public relations professionals traditionally created content for newsrooms. Not anymore. The disruptive growth of social media and mobile technology changed the rules, not just of journalism. Today, we are into digital public relations and marketing.

The pandemic and quarantine accelerated the digitalization process. With Netizens staying at home, digital public relations and marketing got fast tracked.

New Normal task: Be easy to cover

Post-lockdown perspective: Insights from Visayas and Mindanao

pr-works-digital-public-relationsNewsrooms no longer enjoy the monopoly of dictating what information the public consumes. Netizens could now post content and engage with each other. They compete with traditional publishers of news, and the news makers themselves. A new generation of digital natives collectively called ‘Millennials’ and the ‘Gen Z’ want to actively participate, co-create, and be partners with the brands they love.

Digital Public Relations audience

Thus, public relations now means messaging and creating content for a broader, even global, audience. Managing perceptions to accelerate business growth inevitably means the marriage of content and marketing.

When we talk of PR content, we mean blog posts, press releases, case studies, social media content, newsletters, contributed articles, white papers, and events. Content can include landing pages, advertising, webinars, email and all media formats from images to video, even just audio. Content is geared towards building social relationships that boost earned media.

Market Digital Public Relations content

Still, creating great content and conducting media relations to get this published are no longer enough. The PR professional must actively market this content. This means engaging audiences through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,  Pinterest, TikTok, Apps, even via Messenger and Whatsapp. Meanwhile, we keep an eye on new ways of connecting.

While we at present focus on social media marketing, we are developing additional skills. For instance, we embarked on making and marketing a companion app for Asia’s biggest Catholic festival, the Sinulog of Cebu.

Yes, content rules. But the rules changed especially now as we emerge from the quarantine. And making PR work means keeping pace with the times.

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Digital PR uses online platforms to manage perception, accelerate growth, and uplift lives. This means building relationships with online journalists, bloggers, and influencers.

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