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The category “Our Works” provides you with blog posts on selected projects we did through the years to give you an idea of what we have done and what we can do.

Basically, PRWorks Inc. do projects that we basically classify into three: Managing Perceptions, Accelerating Growth, and Uplifting Lives.

We know the three overlap. At times, it becomes difficult to sort out. However, one type generally dominates.

Managing Perceptions

Projects we consider as basically “managing perceptions” include strategically ensuring a positive reputation both offline and online. Issue management and media crisis are included here.

Accelerating Growth

“Accelerating growth” are projects with emphasis on marketing products, services, or brands.

Basically, we count press release campaigns, press conferences, and events that highlight products and services that directly help sales. However, accelerating growth strategically also involves building the brand.

Uplifting Lives

Finally, we classify projects as “uplifting lives” when it primarily centers on helping people.

Yes, these projects build the brand. But it involves associating the brand with helping the underprivileged stakeholders in the community.

In a way, these three categories encompass what we do as a public relations agency.

Our Works

PRWorks Inc. is a full-service, premier Philippine public relations or PR agency with headquarters in Cebu. Though located outside Metro Manila, we are in Cebu, the country’s second economic powerhouse strategically located at the center of the archipelago.

Our work in nearly two decades has made us the premier agency in the Visayas and Mindanao. We consider central and southern Philippines our turf.

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