Quarantine Special: journalist, blogger moms share Mother’s Day stories

Quarantine Special: journalist, blogger moms share Mother’s Day stories

Challenges of working at home these COVID-19 days

Two months into the pandemic, everyone including mothers who are members of the media in the Visayas and Mindanao have been trying to adapt to the new norms. Some of these journalist and blogger moms share their quarantine stories for Mother’s Day.

This article randomly quoted from some journalists and bloggers featured in a PRWorksPH Facebook post embedded below.

While the quarantine is keeping the rest of the population safe at home, frontliners are tirelessly battling the disease so things could go back to normal. These heroes include journalists and bloggers – one of the main sources of information in these trying times.

Quarantine ‘humbled me’

This Mother’s Day, be inspired by stories of how journalists and bloggers in central and southern Philippines are trying to balance their work and family life amidst the pandemic.

Ehda Dagooc, a business reporter of The Freeman Cebu, said working at home means online press conferences and zoom meetings. But it also means the opportunity to do household chores “more efficiently” and “cook for my family.”

“I am slowly getting used to doing my work at home, adjusting to a lot of first times happening online and offline. This experience humbled me,” she said.

Finances during quarantine

For Sigrid Lo, who is a blogger from Bacolod City (Home and Family Blog), the pandemic has not only affected her emotionally, but it has affected them financially as well. Nonetheless, Sigrid has been sharing tips for mothers who are struggling with the same problems as hers.

“As a mother, there was one point that I broke down and cried while looking at my sleeping children. I thought of possibilities that the Covid-19 could bring us. Despite the things happening — no business, no work, no salaries, plus bills piling up, I remain hopeful that better days lie ahead. I keep the faith and pray continually for the healing of our world,” said Lo.

“As a blogger, I use my influence and web space to share factual, useful, and encouraging posts. I make sure that my posts uplift, such as the sharing of Bayanihan sa Covid-19 stories all over the country. In my mommy blog, I come up with content about making the most use of quarantine time. staying safe, as well as budget recipes that will stretch the family budget.” she added.

Pregnant blogger

Same goes for Arvi Sicad, a blogger from Iloilo (picbabun.com) and currently seven months pregnant.  The quarantine had confined her to her room for over two months now.

“As a soon-to-be mom, I worry most of the time that my baby might not have a smooth or safe delivery due to this situation,” said Sicad. “To cope, I communicate with other pregnant women and share our experiences and ideas on making our pregnancy journey less stressful. I also help spread awareness on preventive measures needed to fight this virus and praying that this will end soon,” she added.

For these journalist and blogger moms, the pandemic gave them time for themselves and bond with their families despite the hectic work schedules that their jobs require.

Coping with stress

Maya Padillo, a news reporter from Davao (Edge Davao), shared how she coped with stress.

“As a senior reporter of Edge Davao, looking after my son while working from home amid the quarantine placed me like others in frontline professions under pressure,” said Maya. “To not get too stressed out, I use my breaks watching cable shows with my son or eat our favorite snacks together, she added.

For SunStar Bacolod reporter Terese Ellera and CDO blogger Jen Jacqs Agbon, quarantine brought their family closer since they are always together at home.

“During this pandemic, one of the things that me and my daughters enjoy doing is making easy-to-make recipes like Tuna Pie, Dalgona Coffee, Mango Float, Dynamite Lumpia, and Ice Cream. I also had fun doing TikTok videos with them. We have time to talk about anything and watch movies together. These are just some of the things that we could not do before because were busy with classes and work. We get to enjoy each other’s company together with our two puppies, Max and Choco,” said Jacqs.

Every mother, may they be a frontliner or not, is a hero. Let us celebrate their unconditional love this Mother’s Day.

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