Mother’s Day amid the quarantine

Mother’s Day amid the quarantine

Many remembered to celebrate Mother’s Day

Lest you lost count of the days amid the quarantine, you did not forget that last May 10 was Mother’s Day.

The provinces of Cebu and Iloilo along with the cities of Cebu and Davao continued to be under the Enhanced Community Quarantine then. Today, the General Community Quarantine, meanwhile, sway over the rest of the provinces and urban centers in Visayas and Mindanao.

The stay at home orders changed how Mother’s Day was celebrated.

Mother’s Day at home

Cooking dinner on Mother's Day amid quarantine in PhilippinesWhile some are fortunate enough to have their mothers staying at their homes, how to spend the day was still a problem. Going somewhere special seemed out of the question.

An option included doing all the housework, letting her rest, and preparing a homecooked meal. Baking her a cake or some pastries was another sweet idea. Hugs and kisses were also gifts you can gave her for free.

If you were not staying with your mom because of the quarantine, there were still ways to show her you love her from a distance. The following suggestions helped.


1. Bonding via video chats.

Calls, text messages and chats are great for connecting. But nothing beats seeing the happy faces of loved ones. Bonding via video call using applications such as Messenger, Skype, and Zoom made Mother’s Day extra special for your mom.

Mother's Day amid the quarantine video in Philippines

2. Make a video or slideshow.

A short video greeting or a slideshow of the great times you spent with your mom was great. Imagine how happy she was  when she saw it. It kept her smiling for days.

3. Buy mom flowers and pastries.

Surprising your mother with gifts such as flowers or pastries will never get old. Delivery services available helped with that.  The posted the following links in our Facebook page for flower shops and other stores in key Visayas and Mindanao cities.


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