Dads in media: Father’s Day quarantine stories

Dads in media: Father’s Day quarantine stories

Both providers and frontliners

Celebrating Father’s Day amid the quarantine should focus on dads struggling to keep their families afloat amid the challenges that come with the decline of the economy.

For the whole month of June, be inspired by words from fathers in the media practice. How are they trying to keep up as providers of their families during the pandemic?

Journalists and other content providers can be considered frontliners as they struggle to update the public with the news.

Dads in Media: Father’s Day Quarantine Stories will feature fathers who are into the media practice in the Visayas and Mindanao and their experience working during the pandemic. 

Gifts on Father’s Day amid the quarantine

While dad may crack terrible jokes, Filipinos have learned to make him feel special on Father’s Day.  Consider the following six gift ideas for dear Papa.


Cook steak at home for either lunch or dinner and feast on it with the whole family. The smell that would fill the air while you are cooking would already win your father over.

If Papa is holed up somewhere else, you can surprise him with a delivery of steak or any of his favorite food.


After over two months of quarantine, many fathers are missing their regular doze of booze. It could be beer, wine, or something harder depending on what he drinks.

If your father is a drinker, a delivery of his favorite spirits from the neighborhood grocery store should light up his face like an old baby.


Have a movie marathon with your dad and the whole family. Dim the lights and do not forget to prepare some popcorn and drinks. Here are some movie suggestions: The Godfather, Star Wars (Episode IV – A New Hope), Mission Impossible, Hook, The Last of the Mohicans, Ip Man, Mama Mia, Escape from Alcatraz, Father of the Bride, and Taken.

Toys for old boys

Unless your father had a childhood like Richie Rich, your grandparents could not afford a lot of toys he wanted them to buy back then. It could be a model plane or action figure. Whatever it is, it is never too late for him to enjoy these toys. You will be surprised when you connect with the young boy buried inside.

Grooming products

After months of staying at home, dad should appreciate an opportunity for some grooming. He might need a shave, some hair or skin products maybe.


You can also help your dad reminisce his younger years with the music he grew up with. Give him a Vinyl or a CD album of songs by The Beatles, Bread, America, CSN&Y or the new 80’s and 90’s music of The Cure, Nirvana, STP, or Pearl Jam. You should know what perks up your old man.

You have might have more gift ideas. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.


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