‘New Normal’ task: Be easy to cover

‘New Normal’ task: Be easy to cover

Emerge from quarantine a winner.

After the initial panic and uncertainty last March, many entrepreneurs recovered their bearings. They now move, albeit cautiously, towards adapting to the New Normal. The challenges include making the company easy to cover by both mainstream and digital media in the Visayas and Mindanao.

“New Normal” Transition

Lifting the lockdowns will not be smooth and immediate. For example, Cebu went into the more relaxed general community quarantine. However, the city has gone back into a hard lockdown because of continued spikes in positive cases while the health system gets overwhelmed.

Nevertheless, many hope this situation in Cebu and the rest of the Visayas and Mindanao may smoothen by the end of the year.


Q & A with John Tria, president of the Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCCI) and
Mayor Jerry Treñas of Iloilo City.

Meanwhile, the process of digitalization speeds ahead as both Globe Telecom and PLDT race to strengthen their capability. Bulk of the Internet market are staying at home as part of the so-called “New Normal.” A huge portion of business and the workforce are working from home. And this should accelerate further once the third telco operates.

“New Normal” Messaging


Barring any second wave, media interest in the health aspect of Covid-19 should slowly give way to the economic recovery. Still, the virus threat remains as the public struggles to stand economically. Thus, continue showing empathy in your messaging.

Authentic stories

Launch compelling and relevant campaigns that reflect the effects of the pandemic. This generates goodwill that help drive long-term customer loyalty.


COVID-19 has left lasting changes to the market. Strategies and messaging need to evolve in the post-quarantine world.

Rethink products and services

Monitor the rapid consumer and market changes. Messaging should not just pivot and adapt, also make products and services relevant in the new normal landscape. Relevance involves solving problems and issues arising from the post-lockdown transition.

Strategies in “New Normal” times

Know the media terrain.

Aside from the who, companies operating in the Visayas and Mindanao need to keep track of what the local media are open to covering. On this basis, determine the appropriate messages that would resonate considering the pandemic.

Obviously, hard-sell messages would only boomerang. Convey empathy. Be educational or informational in tone on how you are making things easier for your customers or the public.

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Along this line, PRWorks planned to help by lining up webinars with journalists and content creators in the Visayas and Mindanao. Pending finalization of arrangements, email [email protected] and be waitlisted for the first VisMin Speaks with business leaders and the media in Visayas and Mindanao on July 15?

Position as an industry expert and a thought leader.

Journalists and savvy content creators seek industry experts and thought leaders as sources for stories. Industry publications, business journalists, and content creators seek industry experts for their insight into the situation. The company itself may offer expertise within the industry.

Thus, being perceived a thought leader and an industry expert should be considered one effective strategy.

This could be done through exposure through your website, blog, forums and on social media. Then pitch your expertise to your selected media contacts. Tell them you are available for interviews and coverage.

Build trust and relationships.

More than ever, editors and reporters need sources they can trust. Reporters would want to cultivate relationships for the insights that genuine industry experts can provide. Editors, meanwhile, will also be on the lookout for unique perspectives. Fresh angles will catch the attention of an alert editor.

Parallel to positioning as an industry expert and thought leader, do not forget to exert effort at media relations. Knowing journalists, bloggers, and influencers personally is a key towards being covered.

Craft Studies, Polls, or Infographics.

Globe Media Excellence Awards 2020
The Globe Media Excellence Awards 2020 media briefing transpired this June.

Industry reports that offer valuable information should gain media coverage. Industry publications would want bits of industry data to share.  Offer insightful, useful information. Or information that helps solve a problem affecting a huge portion of the public.

Create the studies, polls and infographics using in-house expertise and offer as free information. Announce via a press release for optimal exposure. This could even be announced in a press conference. The announcement could then be followed by promotion on your website and social media outlets.

Do not forget to post and recycle the media coverage gained. The studies, polls, and infographics would also be vital to link-building campaigns.

Join Meetings and Events.

Industry conferences get businesses in front of both prospects and media contacts. Indeed, there will be lead generation and networking opportunities. In addition, conferences, and industry events present occasions to announce new products or services before colleagues, journalists, and content creators.

Prior media relations effort should ensure that you get noticed. Offer an exclusive interview or demo to entice media contacts to meet with you and be sure you have plenty of media kits on hand.

Networking at industry trade events sponsored or managed by targeted publications is also a great way to make influential connections that can result in more media coverage.

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