Globe Telecom welcomes PLDT’s divestment of 10Mhz 3G frequency

Globe Telecom welcomes PLDT’s divestment of 10Mhz 3G frequency

Globe Telecom lauds Commissioner Gamaliel Cordoba, Deputy Commissioners Delilah Deles and Carlo Jose Martinez of the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) in issuing its decision involving the PLDT-Digitel merger.
Globe head of corporate legal services group Atty. Froilan Castelo said, “The approval of the joint application with condition to divest PLDT’s 10Mhz 3G frequency is a progressive step for the NTC in promoting consumer welfare and fair competition. Given the length of time this deal has been discussed by several authorities in the government, the media, and private sector, the decision of the regulatory body upholds its support to the industry, ensuring equal opportunities among players to compete, and allowing consumers to enjoy quality services from their chosen service provider.”
Globe Telecom also notes the proactive approach of the NTC to effect local interconnection between Globe and Innove in provincial areas which benefits subscribers by lowering the cost of landline domestic calls. Globe expects the NTC to come out with a similar pro-consumer position on internet peering to help expand market opportunities in providing internet services in the country.

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