San Remigio Pensionne Suites celebrates its first anniversary

San Remigio Pensionne Suites celebrates its first anniversary

The 17th of September marks a huge milestone for the people behind San Remigio Properties. This is not only because they have introduced the first of San Remigio’s very own chain of Pension Suites, but they also get to gather together, as one family, to celebrate the continuing success that is San Remigio Pensionne Suites.

San Remigio Pensionne Suites opened last September 18, 2010 and it has since become popular with guests. Its modern room details, affordability, and strategic location exceeded expectations and helped it maintain a strong hold on its target market.

The Pensionne Suites also just recently launched its Cafe Gloria outlet that boasts of a distinct fusion of local and international flavors and economical food rates.

On its first year anniversary, San Remigio Pensionne Suites pays tribute to the real VIPs of San Remigio Properties. Sharing a table as one big family, the people behind San Remigio Pensionne Suites will be treated to an evening full of fun and excitement.

The event will take part in Cafe Gloria, at the roof deck of San Remigio Pensionne Suites, and will be attended by close friends from different business industries.   There will be a late afternoon mass at 5PM.  This event aims to establish better and tighter connection between the management and the staff of both properties.

As part of its anniversary celebration, San Remigio Pensionne Suites will also conduct a feeding activity for the children of Brgy. Mabolo.

The Pensionne Suites—along with its sister companies Café Gloria and San Remigio Beach Club—all under the management of Mark Anthony Ynoc, aims to continue giving first class service and culinary expertise to achieve every customer’s satisfaction.

“I’m quite happy that San Remigio Beach Club and San Remigio Pensionne Suites make a great team in improving and contributing to the tourism industry of Cebu, and in the long run, help alleviate poverty in the country”, Ynoc said.

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