Siblings Stick Together with My Super Circle Plan

Siblings Stick Together with My Super Circle Plan

It’s the middle of summer and chances are that except for the occasional family weekend, everyone is off doing their own thing. Mom and Dad are probably still working everyday, while you and your siblings are at the beach, at the mall, at the movies, or just hanging with friends.  If you’re looking for ways to keep family ties solid and secure even in during the busy vacation season, look no further than My Super Circle Plan from Globe.

My Super Circle Plan is the first ever fully-customizable family plan that gets you the unli services and gadgets that you love, so brothers and sisters can really stick together. For just P1499 a month, you and your siblings can rally together with three postpaid lines, three hot new phones and three unlimited services to keep you going around the clock.

With My Super Circle Plan, keeping tabs on your spending is a breeze because you’ll share a single postpaid bill for all three lines. It’s a great way to show Mom and Dad that you can be every bit responsible as they want you to be.

You can also pick the gadget you want. The candybar Samsung Corby II is a touchscreen phone with a 2 Megapixel camera for all your summer pictures, FM radio for chilling on the beach, and Bluetooth and WiFi to keep you cyber-connected. The Nokia X2-01 comes with a Qwerty keypad that makes it a snap to post updates or send emails. And the BlackBerry Curve 8520 is the fashion-forward favorite that comes in purple, red, white or black, and has everyone’s favorite BlackBerry Messenger app, to keep you stylishly hooked-up long after summer has gone.

And if you thought you could only get one type of unli service, think again.  My Super Circle Plan gives you a whole bunch to choose from. Select SuperUnli for nonstop texting and calling to family and friends on Globe and TM.  Try SuperDuo if you prefer calling Mom, Dad or other relatives on their landlines. And for moments when the togetherness is just a little too much, go for SuperTxtAll, the only unlimited all-network texting offer that will let you hook up with pals from across all networks.  You can even try them all, one at a time, because My Super Circle Plan lets you change your unli service every month. And if all that unli goodness still isn’t enough, you can boost your plan with more add-ons like My Super Surf, My Super Txt and My Super One.

Martha Sazon, Head of Globe Postpaid, explains, “My Super Circle Plan is designed for parents and siblings who want to stay connected. You get the benefit of a lower monthly fee for three postpaid lines in one value-packed plan, and you also get the flexibility to design your plan just the way you like it, by choosing your unli service, your gadget and even your add-on. With My Super Circle Plan, your whole family can get Globe-connected easily and affordably with a plan that fits them perfectly.”

Take sibling bonding to the next level with My Super Circle Plan. Bring on brotherly love and keep the family ties strong into summer and beyond. Join the Circle today by calling the Globe  Sales Hotline at (02)7301010.

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