5 changes to media in Duterte’s Philippines

Impact on PR and marketing
Before the controversial Donald Trump turned the American elections on its head, there was Philippine President Rodrigo Roa Duterte. With Davao City as his model, the erstwhile mayor from the south rose to overwhelm his Manila-based rivals and became the country's 16th president.
1. Chat for real time coordination
A lot of factors played in Duterte's successful presidential run. But there's one thing that gave the Duterte media campaign an edge in the fast-paced race.

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CCLEX: More than a bridge in Cebu

Icon to define Philippine city in 2020
Imagine one looking out from the window of a plane approaching the Mactan-Cebu International Airport one evening in 2020. One sees seemingly standing above the sea below a welcoming beam of light forming a giant cross. Nearby on the sea surface radiates a colossal light ring. Wow!

At daytime, one marvels at the sight of artistically designed ramps towards the vast South Road Properties (SRP), some 300 hectares of prime real estate in Cebu City.

If not now, you would soon agree.

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