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Houses totally washed out:

1. Cong Corrales – Mindanews, Gold Star Daily, TV 5, and Reuters

2. Joe Felicilda – Mindanao Daily Balita

3. John Paul Barsopia – Newsline Mindanao

4. Henry Lasola – GMA 7 CDO

5. Aping Bergacio – Reuters

First floor of houses totally inundated:

1. Erwin Mascariñas – Associated Press

2. Jigger J. Jerusalem – Gold Star Daily, Phil Star

3. Mike Baños – Business Week Mindanao

4. Joe Palabao – Business Week Mindanao

5. Joe Pantoja – Business Week Mindanao

6. Gerry Gorit – Business Week Mindanao

7. Bingo Alcordo – Gold Star Daily

8. Nicole Managbanag – Sun.Star CDO

9. John Michael Bustamante – dxJR Radyo Higala

10. Ditas Gualberto – dxIM Radyo ng Bayan

11. Andrew Jularbal – dxIM Radyo ng Bayan

Houses filled from knee to waist with water:

1. Terry Betonio – Sun.Star CDO

2. Stefanie Berganio – Sun.Star CDO

3. Annabelle Ricalde – Sun.Star CDO

4. Jennifer Besere – Sun.Star CDO

5. Lynde Salgados – Sun.Star CDO

6. Butch Enerio – Business Mirror

7. Candy Macabale – Newsline Mindanao

8. Abigail Malalis – Newsline Mindanao

9. Ronald Jagonal – dxIM Radyo ng Bayan

10. Ric Occiones – dxCO, Oro Gazette

PRworks list of CDO journalists affected by Sendong by
PRworksPH team
PRworksPH team
A talent powerhouse headed by PRworks Chief Digital Officer Emmanuel Mongaya, former managing editor of Superbalita and former city editor of Sun.Star Cebu. Team members include Global Voices correspondent and blogger Karlo Mikhail Mongaya, our Online Community Manager Ynna Erika Bisnar, digital marketing consultant Borislav Tatarov, and former Sun.Star Publishing Inc. IT boss Sammy Sumaya.

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