Our GT Cosmetics Image Models. Click on this photo to get to know them more.

Our GT&Me winner Bethlehem Dabasol is a pretty coed of University of Cebu. Click on the photo to enter our GT&Me page on Facebook where she won these GT products.

GT&Me winner Vivien Barbara Abella is batch 2011 at Silliman University. Click on the photo to enter GT&Me on Facebook where Vivien is an active community member.

The exciting initial response of university beauties in Cebu City and Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental to GT Cosmetics has prompted PRworks Inc. to think about GT Cosmetics sponsorships of campus beauty pageants in the next few months.

GT Cosmetics is a client of PRworks for several years now.

We will start first in selected universities in Cebu after our participation in the recent UP Cookout 2011 in UP Cebu Campus last August 13, 2011.

Describe them hot and sexy but our young GT Cosmetics lovers know true beauty or “Gandang Tunay” in Filipino or “Gwapa Tinuod” in Cebuano is internal that glows outwards with their great, beautiful skin.

Here comes GT Cosmetics that is “nature’s way to beautiful skin.” GT users of all ages and gender just love the GT carrot soap, the GT papaya soap, the GT whitening soap, and the various GT creams. Note how they pay tribute and admire the effects of GT products compared to all other similar products in the GT&Me Facebook community.

But female university students, in particular, are coming to love GT products because possessing great skin is about feeling beautiful as a woman who is blooming.

They are learning that makeup works best on beautiful skin. And when we talk about beautiful skin, university beauties in Cebu and Dumaguete Cities are coming to love GT.

University beauties love GT by
PRworksPH team
PRworksPH team
A talent powerhouse headed by PRworks Chief Digital Officer Emmanuel Mongaya, former managing editor of Superbalita and former city editor of Sun.Star Cebu. Team members include Global Voices correspondent and blogger Karlo Mikhail Mongaya, our Online Community Manager Ynna Erika Bisnar, digital marketing consultant Borislav Tatarov, and former Sun.Star Publishing Inc. IT boss Sammy Sumaya.

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