Don Bosco relic to visit Cebu in December

Don Bosco relic to visit Cebu in December

CEBU, Philippines – The relic of St. John Bosco is expected to be taken to Cebu and other parts of the Philippines as part of the planned international event.

Fr. Fidel Orendain SDB recently told Cebu-based members of the newly-formed Bosconian International Chamber of Commerce (BICC) that top Salesian officials in Italy are embarking on an international tour of the saint’s relics.

Cebu will be an important part of the tour this December which aims, among others, to promote the Bosconian way.

In a press statement, BICC-Cebu members are awaiting for updates on the relic’s tour preparations with the expected arrival of District Customs Collector Ronnie Silvestre from Rome.

Silvestre is arriving in time for a general meeting tonight at the Cebu Grand Hotel of Bosconians doing business in Cebu.

Silvestre attended the Fourth Assembly of the World Federation of Past Pupils of Don Bosco at the Via Della Pesana IIII, Rome from September 29 to October 3, 2010 together with two other alumni in the Philippines – Teddy Javier and Jun Bernad of Don Bosco Mandaluyong.

Silvestre, who is a past national federation president of Bosconians in the Philippines, is from Don Bosco Pampanga.

According to Silvestre, the three of them reported on activities in the Philippines and participated in the election of the world alumni organization.

Right after the start of his stint as Cebu customs collector, he began helping organize the Cebu BICC chapter which is part of an international network of Bosconian businessmen and professionals.

The BICC chapter in Cebu is seen as a potential hub for international business networking among hundreds of thousands of past Don Bosco pupils here and abroad.

He said that this development should help stimulate business and investments in Cebu.

For the local customs bureau, this should invite more legitimate importations in the months and years to come among businessmen “doing business the Bosconian way.”

Charter members and officers of the Cebu chapter, who will be inducted by Silvestre on October 16, 2010 at the Laguna Garden, are nevertheless looking forward to the awaited visit of Saint John Bosco’s relic in December.

The relic is expected to arrive in Bacolod City and will be in Cebu for a week before it will be taken to Manila, said Fr. Orendain.

It will be placed in a special case and brought around in a specially made van. (FREEMAN)

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