New Bosconian Chamber in Cebu

New Bosconian Chamber in Cebu

Officers, charter members, and guests during the BICC Cebu induction on October 16, 2010.

The top photo shows Customs District Collector Ronnie Silvestre inducting the officers and board members of the newly formed Cebu chapter of the Bosconian International Chamber of Commerce (BICC) at the Laguna Garden Cafe and Restaurant last October 16, 2010 as BICC national’s Jun Bernad looks on.  Silvestre, BICC Cebu adviser and past national alumni federation president, was with Bernad in Rome recently to attend a world congress of past Don Bosco pupils. The next photo shows all the officers, charter members, and guests (like Fr. Provincial George Militante SDB, Fr. Armand Robleza SDB, BICC National Chairman, Antonio Bernardo, Silvestre, and Bernad). The BICC Cebu board had contracted PRworks Inc. to manage the induction of officers and charter members.

While the photo above shows BICC Cebu officers in barong, the one below taken during an earlier general membership meeting presents them in their casual attires.

Taken during the first general assembly meeting of BICC Cebu.

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  1. anol

    BICC Cebu will be busy preparing for the visit of the relics of Saint John Bosco in Cebu within the next few weeks.

  2. anol

    Many are interested in the BICC Cebu chapter. The stats for this site showed a sharp 300 percent increase in views today. Wow!

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