Past Projects

Past Projects

Mantawi 2006
positioning Mandaue City for ASEAN summit.

Miss Superbalita 2005
in coordination with Sun.Star Publishing Inc. Promotions Department and the Sun.Star Superbalita editorial staff.

Cebu ICT 2005
a three-day conference highlighting the celebration of Cebu Business Month by the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI). PRWorks is the workhouse and partner of main event organizer TeamAsia.

Manage the media center of the ASEAN Customs Directors Meeting
Plantation Bay Resort Hotel.

GAME ON with Intel and Level Up
product launching of new versions of RAGNAROK and other online games.

The Ching Palace annex building inaguration
in September 2005 as well as various media gatherings to promote Cebu’s premier Chinese cuisine destination.

Hosted lunch for the Cebu media
on behalf of SALCON-KEPCO and Ching Palace during the 2005 celebration of the Cebu Press Freedom Week.

Managed film showing for BAYANTEL
at the Marcelo Fernan Press Center as its contributions to the 2004 celebration of the Cebu Press Freedom Week.

BAYANTEL product launch
exhibits and dinner at the Cebu City Waterfront Hotel.

Managed the Sinulog media center in 2004
in behalf of BAYANTEL.

Cebu Mountains Fest
a weeklong series of activities that include an inter-school quiz, a photo exhibit, trek to Mt. Manunngal, an a free concert with the band ASIN, in celebration of the International Year of the Mountains as declared by the United Nations, September 2002.

Cebu IT Summit
three-day conference to chart the IT direction of Cebu at the Cbu City Marriot Hotel, in behalf of the Cebu City government and the Cebu Investment and Promotions Center (CIPC), March 2001.

one-day symposium at Marco Polo Hotel, Davao City, December 2000. launch
Ayala Center Cebu, September 2000.

Oracle Product Launch demand generation
Cebu City Marriot Hotel, 2000.

Sun.Star Superbalita Supershow
Cebu Sports Center, January 2000.

a two-day symposium at Cebu City Marriot Hotel and Center for International Education, as Cebu partner of TeamAsia, 1999.

Cebu launching of Center for Pop Music Philippines

SAP R/3 Symposium
Cebu City Marriot Hotel, as Cebu partner of TeamAsia, 1999.

Intel PC Weekend Madness II
three-day PC fair at SM Trade Hall, as Cebu partner of TeamAsia, February 1999.

Intel PC Weekend Madness I
three-day PC fair at SM Trade Hall, as Cebu partner of TeamAsia, September 1998.

PRworksPH team

PRWorksPH Content Team is now composed of Emmanuel Mongaya, Alya Simone Mongaya, Patricia Quiachon, and Raphaella Bautista.

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