Mr. Cebu 2008

Mr. Cebu 2008

The winners from left to right: Mariano Dandie Dimataga 3rd Runner up, Hans Joakim Grogaard 1st runner up, David Chai Tangalin Mr. Cebu 2008, Kurt Agbay 2nd runner up, and Marvin Campaner 4th runner up.

Mr. Cebu 2008 is a first-of-its kind pageant that promises to become a yearly spectacle organized by BCB Productions. PRWorks was engaged to manage the event’s publicity and media relations efforts. Featuring fashion shows, campus tours, TV show guestings and community projects, Mr. Cebu 2008 climaxed with a grand pageant night showcasing the crème de la crème of Cebu’s young bachelors last October 10, 2008 at the Waterfront Cebu Hotel and Casino.

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