Pictures from Bacolod – SJB relic pilgrimage

Pictures from Bacolod – SJB relic pilgrimage


Arrival at the Bacolod airport and at the Bacolod Cathedral. From Fr. Lan Guiao's photos. Click these to view more photos at our Facebook page.
Bacolod Welcomes Relic. This photo was taken at the Bacolod Cathedral and sent to us by Bro. Ed Villordon SDB

This is the first photo sent to us about the relic of Saint John Bosco after it arrived at the Bacolod Cathedral this morning (December 5, 2010). The relic has officially arrived in the Philippines.

We urge those who have taken photos of the relic at various locations including interesting crowd shots to post it in a Facebook page we put up so you will have the chance to be part of the commemorative book and also get a free copy. Click this link for more information.

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