San Remigio Properties welcomes Atlantis

San Remigio Properties welcomes Atlantis

Come December 2011, San Remigio Properties will add another feather in its cap with the rise of Atlantis.

“On the 18th, we are welcoming a new baby in the San Remigio Properties family—Atlantis”, shared Mr. Mark Ynoc, General Manager of San Remigio Beach Club.

Atlantis is perfect for banquets and other intimate functions mainly because of its 120 pax seating capacity. Only nine feet away from the beach, guests will be delighted at the spectacular view of the beachfront.

Mr. Ynoc disclosed that they got the name “Atlantis” from Plato’s famed dialogues Timaeus and Critias.

Apparently, Atlantis is a utopia created by Poseidon, the Greek god of the seas. Atlantis became the center of civilization because of the great knowledge of the Atlanteans in many areas such as the sciences, technology and arts.   On the day that they decided to extend their kingdom, it was said that the skies turned black and the waters swilled until the whole Atlantis is no more.

“Behind the story is a great kingdom which fits the kind of image that we want for our Atlantis: elegance, power and a great sense of tranquility”.

The site of the new Atlantis structure was originally San Remigio Beach Club’s game room. “We want to make room for Atlantis without compromising the usual enjoyment of our beloved guests here at the resort.”

Aside from the panoramic view of the resort during lunch meetings and small parties, the Atlantis has a small snack bar readily available by request.

“We want the Atlantis to cater to any type of guest or event. We want this newest addition to our family to become the beacon of elegance, power and tranquility which the legendary Atlantis was famous for”, concludes Mr. Ynoc.

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