Watch out for Studzmarket!

Watch out for Studzmarket!

The Only Student-Centered, Campus-Specific Online Marketplace

From Iligan City comes a new website,, an online website that provides a safe marketplace for students to buy and sell anything that will help them adjust and flourish on campus.

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English: Old and new in the city of Iligan, Mindanao. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What sets Studzmarket apart from every other online marketplace is its choice to cater exclusively to students—by using a well-organized system for categorizing products and services, students can advertise and search for the things they need, and get them from someone they can trust who is a fellow student, ensuring transaction transparency and easy access, without burdening students with shipping fees or worries about delivery. This is all secured by requiring registration with a verified university email address—something no other site has ever offered before.

Studzmarket categorizes its offers to students into the following: Items, Services, Housing and Activities, with each subcategory becoming more specific in nature—making it easier for a student to find and purchase exactly what it is they are looking for. Items, for example, may be separated into the smaller categories of Gadgets, Clothing and Reviewers, which allows one to search as narrowly as possible.

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Another aspect which makes Studzmarket different is its Lost and Found function which encourages students to post if they have found or are missing particular items, and include details about the items they are looking for, which makes it easier to locate something and retrieve it from a fellow student, instead of resigning yourself to losing it forever.

Beginning with offering services to the students of MSU-IIT in Northern Mindanao, Studzmarket seeks to gradually expand and offer this marketplace environment to every student in every campus in the Philippines, making it possible for them to find exactly what they want without being flooded by irrelevant search results, such as off-campus housing options, new or secondhand textbooks, and gadgets that are useful to academic life.

This effectively eliminates the need for a student to constantly travel and compare prices from one place to another, as it shows all relevant matches on the page as well as the price of each item, making it possible for a student to find an excellent deal without even having to leave the dorm room. This saves all users time and money, thanks to an efficient system that allows students to get everything from as close a source as they can get—their home university and fellow students.


JR Galia,
co-founder, Studzmarket
[email protected]


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