World Vision: Sharing of ABK3 Leap Good Practices

World Vision: Sharing of ABK3 Leap Good Practices


Jason Befus, Operations Manager of ABK3 Leap, on his Opening Remarks

ABK3 LEAP is a project that helped a lot of communities for 5 years now, starting way back in 2011. It was funded by the United States Department of Labor (USDOL) that primarily focused on reducing child labor in sugarcane farms in 11 provinces in the country. Reducing child labor can be achieved through a multi-sector approach that integrates initiatives in livelihoods, education, advocacy and social protection.  Latest statistics show, as of April 2016, that the ABK3 LEAP project has reduced hazardous child labor by 86% within the 54,479 children from 30,412 households directly supported.


ABK3 Leap’s Project Objectives discussed by Jason Befus (not in photo)

After 5 years, ABK3 LEAP leaves the communities it has journeyed with and helped. The project conducted a good practice analysis to document the initiatives and practices that have shown promising results in helping it reach the ultimate goal of reducing child labor in the sugarcane farms. It is in the hopes that ABK3 LEAP’s good practices in child labor reduction will be sustained and replicated not only by its partners but by fellow anti-child labor advocates around the country who continue to seek ways to eliminate child labor in the country.


Jason Befus, Operations Manager of ABK3 Leap, in an interview with the media

As part of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility, the PRWorks media relations team helps out with World Vision in inviting the media to cover its events. Thus, during the Sharing of ABK3 Leap Good Practices workshop, the team of PRWorks was present to ensure the attendance of the media and attend to their needs especially during interviews.


Media token: USB Flashdrive that bears the event theme and call to action

The good practices sharing workshop gained enough media attendees. There were a total of 10 reporters and bloggers present from different traditional and digital media outfits namely, SunStar Cebu, Sunnex,, Cebu Daily News, The Freeman and Banat News.

The PRWorks team works pro bono for World Vision because the company believes that the best PR is the one that uplift lives.

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