Platinum rings express your love story

Platinum rings express your love story

“Each wedding ring is a work of love”

This love, says Odysseus Suarez Wedding Rings owner and manager Odysseus Suarez, can be seen in the making of the expert metal craftsman and jeweler’s latest line of personalized platinum rings.

This begins with a bar or rod of platinum getting rolled, pressed, and laminated through a rolling mill machine until it is trimmed into the right dimensions. During this process, the platinum metal becomes denser, adding weight and durability, as it is compressed.

The now elongated rod of platinum is subsequently molded into a ring based on the ring size requested, after which the rod’s two ends are laser welded together to close the ring. This is then filed and shaped according to the preferred design. The platinum ring is then polished and adorned with gems.


Each wedding ring is a love story

Not only are wedding rings the embodiment of the labor expended by its maker in crafting its delicate and fine detailed beauty. They also speak of the very experiences that brought two lovers together.

“Every wedding ring is a love story,” says Odysseus Suarez. With his new line of platinum rings, he hopes the couples’ own love story can now be engraved in the very design of their own wedding rings.

The etching of initials, names, dates, and other personal touches that couples wish to see on their rings is now possible with Odysseus Suarez Wedding Rings.

This is in keeping with the top marketing trend in 2016 of enhancing the “buying experience” through personalization that is tailored for the needs of every buyer.

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“Since every couple’s love story is unique, there is no reason why the wedding ring cannot be an expression of this uniqueness,” he said.

Rarest of the precious metals

In spite its understated reputation when compared to the popularity of gold and silver, platinum is the rarest of the precious metals on earth.

Mine production for platinum only runs 150 Mg annually as compared to 2,550 Mg for gold, making platinum even more valuable than gold.

“Gold and silver have to be mixed with other metals to make a piece of jewelry,” he explains. “But platinum is strong enough to stand alone and endure through time, hence its greater value.”

Naturally white, platinum does not change color unlike white gold which fade into yellow as it ages.

Platinum wedding rings

The metal used to make the rings, Pt900, is 90 percent platinum and 10 percent palladium. This is purer than 18 carat gold which is only 75 percent as well as 14 carat gold which is only 58.33 percent gold.

This composition makes platinum rings more durable and long lasting, and making it wear better through the years. They are also hypoallergenic for those whose skin are sensitive to either gold or silver.

It also means that the platinum ring does not blacken from oxidization when exposed to high heat.

The platinum turns red then glows bright orange as it reacts to the flame from the jeweler’s torch. But as the heat cools down, the beautiful ring emerges untarnished.

528 Pt

Attaining the “patina” finish

However, platinum is still the softer metal when compared to 14k gold even if it is stronger and more durable, hence making it more susceptible to scratching.

But unlike gold which gets scraped away when scratched, platinum bits only moves across the surface a “patina” finish which has the feel of an antique. Time and wear gives platinum rings the much coveted “patina” finish.

“The patina’s beauty becomes more evident with time, just like a marriage which grows deeper through the years. Our personalized platinum ring’s luxuriously simple design makes it a precious classic that radiates every couple’s unique love story,” he said.

A symbol of eternity

“We have been making platinum rings for several years but some customers are put off by the much higher price tag. Now, we are offering the customers more choices for slimmer and simpler bands for those who want the choice metal at accessible price levels,” he added.

It is said by some historians, following evidence from historical artifacts, that the exchange of braided rings among couples was first observed as a wedding practice in ancient Egypt more than 4,000 years ago.

The ancient Egyptians believed that the circle is a symbol of eternity. For them, the shape of wedding rings signifies the love never ending love between the newlyweds. With its durability and long lasting quality, platinum is most fitting to speak of a couple’s past, present, and future.

Suarez Wedding Rings’ latest offerings of personalized platinum rings express every couple’s unique love story. These unique hand pieces are available in Suarez Wedding Rings showrooms at Ayala Center Cebu, SM City Cebu in Mabolo, and even in Gateway Mall in Cubao, Quezon City.

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