GMEA 2020 Visayas finals reset to November

GMEA 2020 Visayas finals reset to November

Read about the latest update on GMEA 2020.

The Globe Media Excellence Awards (GMEA) 2020 Visayas finals have been reset to November.

Why? Even the organizers faced unexpected challenges. Organizing this purely online event proved to be exhausting and time-consuming. The pandemic gave everyone no choice.

Today, we await the official announcement of the finals for the Visayas this November 2020.

While screening happened at the same time, separate screeners looked at the entries from the Visayas and Mindanao. They already finished choosing the finalists from the different Visayas islands for each category. The tabulation period for Mindanao has begun.GMEA 2020 organizers prepared video materials for each. All will know the winners during the finals.

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GMEA 2020 guidelines

The guidelines mentioned the coverage of nine (9) areas in the Visayas and Mindanao. The awards treat equally writers in news outlets using local languages. The screeners and judges observed the same standards of excellence.

The process ensured the same treatment whether the works used English, Filipino, Bisaya, Hiligaynon, or Chavacano. Please review the following deck for more details.

Submit your entries online using the GMEA 2020 website.

Life in the New Normal

Note the theme:  “Life in the New Normal.” Thus, the stories and narratives focused on the so-called ‘New Normal’. In fact, the new practices now even forced the awards to be done differently.

Unlike in the past, organizers designed GMEA 2020 as purely online to ensure safety during this pandemic. Nonetheless, the screeners and judges took care to ensure credibility and trust.

Rest assured. The winning entries stand out as the best of each category submitted this year.

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For your GMEA 2020 entries: Points to think about

Expect the judges to have a hard time judging. The writers who submitted entries observed the following.

The entries avoided “pwede na.”

Care went through in choosing which work of yours to submit. The screeners and judges processed hundreds of submissions. The entries increased the chances of meriting a nomination by avoiding the “pwede na” attitude.

The right category.

Though a story may be great, entries submitted using the wrong category got disregarded. Through the years, many of the categories proved to be incredibly competitive with entries tailored for them.  

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