7 tips on writing, distributing press releases

7 tips on writing, distributing press releases

Even growth hackers send out PRs

The book ‘Full Frontal PR‘ defines a press release as “a standard written announcement distributed to the media that clearly announces information you wish to place in the news.”

This is a basic tool of the PR toolbox in getting your business publicity. The tech community’s growth hacker toolbox also include the press release. Yes, growth hackers send out PRs because it works in growing one’s audience. This is part of pull technology.

But then, sending press releases does not guarantee translation of one’s write ups into published news. Still, here are some tips that increase the likelihood of publication.

  1. Write about something newsworthy.

    [tweetthis]#MakePRwork4U In making press releases, write about something newsworthy.
    [/tweetthis] The topic should be news to the editor who decides to publish your press release. It should also be news to the segment of the general public that reads the editor’s publication or page. An editor needs and welcomes news materials that his readers love to read.Thus, even before you sit down to write a press release, show respect for the editor by studying the magazine he edits. Don’t pitch weak ideas. You want editors to respect you as an expert and a credible source.
  2. Edit for clarity.

    [tweetthis]#MakePRwork4U In making press releases, edit for clarity.[/tweetthis] The press release could be written as a statement, in inverted pyramid form, or as a news feature. But aim for clarity. Remove noise — adjectives, adverbs, cliches, unimportant phrases, and unnecessary information — that muddle your message.Instead of adjectives and adverbs, offer proof and evidence. Cite case studies, awards, business growth, and achievements. Delete empty and misleading phrases. Let’s take for instance “a commitment to excellence.” Does this mean you achieved excellence or still on your way to excellence? And avoid, in particular, superlatives. Strike out such words as extraordinary and world class. Exaggeration weakens your message.Unless everyone understands, only a few will.
  3. Don’t quote nobody.

    [tweetthis]#MakePRwork4U In making press releases, don’t quote nobody.[/tweetthis] Quotes attributed to somebody anonymous set of alarms. The reader would notice the missing name and assumes you are attempting to trick him.
  4. Don’t omit your name and contact information.

    [tweetthis]#MakePRwork4U In making press releases, don’t omit your name and contact information.[/tweetthis]Aside from adding credibility to the writeup, the act of sending a press release about one’s business is not a one time deal. It should be part of a continuing effort to engage members of the media.
  5. Submit early.

    [tweetthis]#MakePRwork4U In distributing press releases, submit early.[/tweetthis] Studying a publication means knowing the deadlines of the reporters and editors. Then submit early. Follow ups should be limited to only one or two calls. Frequent calls annoy. Some editors even feel insulted.
  6. Don’t ignore the small publications.

    [tweetthis]#MakePRwork4U In distributing press releases, don’t ignore small publications.[/tweetthis] Many small businesses find it difficult to gain publicity in major media publications. Small entrepreneurs would have better chances of publication in the small publications. But hey, regular publication in the small media outlets would catch the attention of the big publications.
  7. Don’t just read your published press releases.

    [tweetthis]#MakePRwork4U Don’t just read your published press releases.[/tweetthis] Make sure you also read the rest of the publication on a regular basis. If you like an article written by a particular journalist, tell him or her so through email, SMS, or social media. Don’t be effusive. Just find something concrete that you like. Often, others also enjoyed the piece.

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