Super Fun Sinulog with Globe’s Gerald Anderson

Super Fun Sinulog with Globe’s Gerald Anderson

Gerald Anderson is partly hidden in the middle.

“Artista lagi (Yup. an actress),” somebody said after hearing some loud screaming from the thick crowd in and out of the Fuente Osmeña Circle in Cebu City and a float bearing the actress-comedian Giselle Sanchez in a  showed around the bend in a sexy white get-up. Then louder screaming reverberated through the crowd further on. Another float was coming.

It was nearly 4 pm. The grand Sinulog parade began at around 8 am. It would take a few hours more for it to end before the real Sinulog fun began — whole night parties and discos, the overnight tagay, and

The screaming went louder as teenagers around the plaza began moving towards the float. Intrigued, we followed the crowd movement and soon saw the cause of the commotion.

A young mestizo in white shirt climbed atop a higher platform of the float and pointed to a large Globe Telecom tarp wrapped around a portion of the building across him. The tarp had a huge picture of Gerald Anderson and Sarah Geronimo. Oh! That mestizo was Gerald Anderson himself. And the screaming became louder as the float approached.

We soon were told that it was the ABS-CBN float with other network stars Vice Ganda, Jason Gainza, Melai Canteveros, Ryan Bang, and Pooh. Well, the stars on that float could have been more but these are the ones we recognized from the photos.

But it was Gerald who wowed the crowd making the Sinulog at our corner of Cebu City super fun.

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