2GO update: Cebu-Ormoc Supercat route

2GO update: Cebu-Ormoc Supercat route

Supercat reminder as of Dec. 16, 2016!

Check your Supercat schedule

Supercat Cebu contact numbers: +63 32 233-7000 (landline), +63 925 582-4232 (mobile)

And book your trip online via the Supercat website.

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In Cebu, one can also book your tickets via two 2GO Travel and Supercat counters at the Pier 1, Port of Cebu. That’s near Plaza Independencia and Fort San Pedro. One can then proceed to the Pier 1 Passenger Terminal to wait for your ride.

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Thank you for helping the Philippines

The story below was about 2GO’s response during the crisis right after Yolanda.

STARTING tomorrow SuperCat will be serving the Cebu-Ormoc route four times a day and will have only one trip to Tagbilaran.

The 2GO Group Inc., which owns SuperCat, decided to reschedule the fastcraft ferry’s trips to give priority to Ormoc as Leyte is in a dire need of shipping service following the devastation wrought by supertyphoon Yolanda in the Province. The Supercats will accommodate free shipment of relief goods as long as the donors will arrange beforehand people who will receive and unload once these arrive in the Port of Ormoc.

[Photos on the situation in Ormoc City uploaded in following post: “Bangon Visayas emerges …

Below will be SuperCat’s new trip schedule until further advise:

Cebu to Ormoc:        Ormoc to Cebu:

            05:30am               8:15am

            11:00am                1:45pm

            01:30pm               5:00pm

04:30pm               7:15pm

Cebu to Tagbilaran:        Tagbilaran to Cebu:

6:30am                       8:45am

Twice a week via St. Anthony de Padua

Monday  8:30AM

Friday    12:30 PM
The relief goods should be brought and registered at the 2GO Relief Drop Off Center at the Pier 4 passenger terminal. The officials of 2GO are however reminding donors to arrange first the presence of people who will receive the relief goods once these arrive in Ormoc.
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