GT is ‘Gandang Tunay’

GT is ‘Gandang Tunay’

Celebrating ‘beauty within’

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GT Cosmetics endorser Phoebe Kaye Fernandez is a Cebu-based news anchor of ABS-CBN and host of the television program Mag-TV. She also stars in local Indie films.

There is more to GT Cosmetics than just cosmetics.

For Engineer Leonora Salvane, GT means ‘God’s Talent’ because the business was the answer to her prayers not so long ago. It was in 1994 that she prayed for a business that fit her chemical engineering background. Last year, GT Cosmetics marked its 20 years.

(Engr. Salvane recently won an entrepreneurship award from the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry)

For the ever-growing number of people using GT Cosmetics, GT has come to mean ‘Gandang Tunay’ which is Tagalog for ‘Gwapang Tiunay.’ In English, this could be translated to ‘True Beauty’ or ‘Beauty Within.’

GT & Me

They say physical beauty is skin-deep. And, the use of all kinds of cosmetics starts with a beautiful skin. But delighted users of GT Cosmetics celebrate the underlying beauty of being a woman (and man).

Thus, forums on GT Cosmetics talk much about possessing beautiful skin and more.

GT communities like GT & Me are concerned with helping women (and men) take care of and enjoy beautiful skin. But having and taking care of beautiful skin is not just skin-deep. It also means your inner beauty as a person. It involves what you eat, having enough sleep and rest, proper management of stress, and even spiritual peace.

(Tips for using GT bleaching cream)

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Beauty that’s more than skin deep.
Celebration of beauty during the Sinulog Festival 2013.
Celebration of beauty during the Sinulog Festival 2013.

More than skin-deep

Being Gandang Tunay  is more than skin-deep. It is about:

a. The beauty of self-confidence
b. The beauty of motherhood
c. The beauty of being married
d. The beauty of being single
e. The beauty of aging
f. The beauty of learning
g. The beauty of remembering
h. The beauty of reconciliation
i. The beauty of coping

Celebrating beauty for all women (and men).
Celebrating beauty for all women (and men).

j. The beauty of friendship
k. The beauty of eating the right food.
l. The beauty of being healthy
m. The beauty of having peace of mind
n. The beauty of being close to God.

All these exudes beauty that goes beyond glowing, young, and healthy beautiful skin. This is Gandang Tunay.


Would you want to add your thoughts on Gandang Tunay and celebrating beauty within? What you might say may actually catch our attention and deserve a giveaway. Please share with us in the comments section below.

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